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Industrial Contributions: Data Engineering and Analytics

Next Generation Programming Languages, 2002-2003.
Universal Virtual Machines and Multi-language IDEs, 1994 -2000.
Assessment of Object Oriented Data Base Systems, OTI 1989.
Design and Implementation of a Team Programming Environment for Smalltalk, DREO, 1988.
Object Oriented Data Base Support for Tactical Data, DMOR, 1987 - 1988.
Object Oriented Data Bases, BNR, 1986.
Design of Manufacturing Data Bases, Honeywell Canada, August 1981.
Design and Implementation of Efficient Database Validation, Conversion and Restructuring Software, Honeywell Information Systems, January 1979 - December 1981.
Design and Implementation of Retail Information Systems for CBIS and R. L Crain, 1976 - June 1979.
Design of a Citizens Band Licensing System, DOC, 1977.